Things to Know About Metropolitan Towing Services

Like other machines, a car can develop a fault without notice. If you are stuck on the highway, calling a towing service like Metropolitan Towing is your best option.

Towing companies are trustworthy, reliable and provide professional assistance in various ways. Here are some important things to know about metropolitan towing services.

Metropolitan towing will ensure safety

A good towing company understands the importance of safety in the towing process. Your safety is a priority when stuck on the highway. The safety of your car and other vehicles is also important. To alert oncoming vehicles, metropolitan services will do the following.

  • Turn on flashing lights
  • Place barricades and cones
  • Post signs before the incident

These safety measures ensure the avoidance of further accidents. The bystanders, respondents, and other road users are protected from harm.

Tip: Always maintain a safe distance while waiting for a towing service to avoid injury or death.

Removing and recovering vehicles

If an accident occurs, it’s important to quickly remove the vehicle from the scene to avoid more collisions. Metropolitan towing services follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and procedures for towing to prevent further damages.

You may need a towing service one day. So, It’s essential to have good knowledge about towing services. Here are a few things to know.

Types of tow trucks

The right tow truck is essential to remove a vehicle without causing any damage to the car you are towing. The commonly used tow trucks include:

Hydraulic flatbed – It is operated by hydraulics to load a vehicle onto a flatbed

Integrated tow truck – It has extra axles and is typically used for heavy-duty vehicles.

Hook and chain – Commonly used for wrecked automobiles involving a hook and chain to tow the vehicle.

Wheel lift – With the help of special equipment, it secures the vehicle by the front or rear drive wheels.

Reasons for towing services

  1. Towing companies cover a wide range of services, including
  2. Collision with another vehicle
  3. Transmission failure
  4. Empty gas tank
  5. Flat battery
  6. Overheated engine
  7. Car stuck in the mud or a ditch
  8. Flat tire

Vehicles that can be towed

You can tow different vehicles like passenger vehicles, tow trailers, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

The difference between a wrecker and a towing truck

While the tow and wrecker truck drivers both tow vehicles, tow truck drivers are not authorised to carry out repairs. The wrecker, on the other hand, can provide minor on-site maintenance services.

Know the cost of a towing service

The cost of a towing service will depend on the following factors

  • Time of day
  • Type of vehicle
  • Distance

Know who to call when you need towing services

When looking for a towing service, it’s essential to get one that can show up promptly without delays. Metropolitan Towing operates a 24-hour service, every day of the week, all year round. Get in contact with us today for the answers to your questions.