Seeking a Mechanic?

Being in the situation where need to hire Metro City Towing is never really one that is leisurely. That being said, hiring our services means that when we are towing your vehicle, it can be taken to a mechanic of your choice. Towing is our game and we can handle that side of the situation but knowing which quality mechanic to have your car towed to is a decision that is up to you. The last thing you want to be doing when your car breaks down is trying to research who is the best mechanic in the area so being prepared just in case of an emergency is always a wise move. When looking for a quality mechanic, check online for the ones that are in your area. Just by looking, you should be able to get a feel of who seems professional or not and looking at their reviews if there are any is a good place to start when figuring out who makes the shortlist. Asking people you trust as well is another great way to cut down your shortlist, as people close to you are more likely to give you honest recommendations. Once you have your list of contenders, then checking their qualifications, experience and specialisations is the next step. When you are already faced with the issue of having to hire towing services, the last thing you want to do is leave your car in the hands of a mechanic that is unable to handle the job or being ripped off. Quality mechanics will often offer warranty, as that means they have faith in their work and if something does go wrong- you are protected as well. Seeking a mechanic that is not just skilled, but professional as well, is important. One that communicates well, does not try and pull the wool over your eyes and keeps you in the loop is a mechanic to keep going back to. If you ever are in the position where you need Metro City Towing, call ahead to your mechanic as well so our towing service can take you straight to your mechanic in your hour of need.

Machinery Towed

Within so many varying industries, there is a diverse range of machinery needed for different operations. Mining, industrial, construction, farming and agriculture- all these operations require different tools and moving them from storage to the place where they are needed can be quite a task. That is where we come in. At Metro City Towing we are not just a professional and reliable service, we also have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to towing machinery. Backed up with the expertise, we have the capacity to tow farming and agricultural equipment, demolition machines, excavators, boom lifts, forklifts, Elevated Work Platforms, rollers, bob cats, skid steers, underground boring equipment, asphalt machines- just to name a few. When it comes to towing this kind of machinery, the right equipment is not enough. Our staff practice and train the best techniques to ensure that the way the approach towing such diverse machinery is practical and effective. From loading to transport, to unload, your machinery will be safe in the hand of Metro City towing. Our team understand the different needs that each piece of machinery has, as well as the value, so you can be sure that when it comes to hiring our towing services in Brisbane, you will be hard pressed to find another metropolitan towing service that has the combination of skills that our team at Metro City Towing has.

Looking After Your Vehicle

It can be an effective way to relieve the anxiety of breaking down knowing that you have a twenty-four, seven day a week towing service throughout metropolitan Brisbane but ideally you want to be able avoid having to hire our services at Metro City Towing in the first place. Caring for your vehicle and taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid any unnecessary break downs and needing to enlist the help of a towing service and a mechanic. Having regular services ideally is the best way to stay on top of any issues, but between services there are some things that you can do to check to see if your car is running up to par. Checking the radiator and cooling system regularly, along with the engine oil, battery, transmission and power-steering fluids and the engine oil are just a few. Also, other components like the windscreen wipes and washer fluid and all of your lights, including your indicators and high beams. That way you can stay on top of any issues before they become a major problem and needing the towing services of Metro City towing but if you do need us, we are only a call away.