When Should You Call a Towing Service?

Unforeseen circumstances and emergencies also happen when it comes to driving. They could happen when you least expect them, and that’s why preparation is important.

It’s crucial to know when to call a towing service and the necessary things to do at the time.

This article provides a guide on how to avoid being trapped in any driving emergency. We’ll also walk you through calling a towing service or company. While this is mostly a last resort, here are times to call one:

  • Your vehicle isn’t starting

You can call a towing truck if your car isn’t starting or suddenly stops.

Before calling a towing company, wait for a little time and try starting the car again. If you have a dead battery, getting a jump might solve the issue.

Always remember to have jumper cables in your car trunk, or even move around with a portable lightweight battery charger.

  • You’re involved in an accident

Accidents are one of the main reasons people call towing services or companies. This is usually as a result of damage to the cars.

Note- Don’t drive a damaged car even if it seems to be working still. It’s dangerous as it can easily explode or catch fire.

Your best bet when in an accident is to call a tow truck service to examine the damage and tow your car.

  • You’re out of gas

You’d need to call for a tow service if you run out of gas, especially if you’re on a long road without a gas station.

To avoid this situation, ensure you fill your tank before embarking on a long trip. You may even carry a portable gas tank with one or two spare gallons.

  • You have a flat tire

This is another time to call a tow truck service. However, if you have a jack and spare tire, you can salvage the situation and change the tire by yourself.

It’s important to find a safe place to change the tire to avoid any issues. Know that your lug nuts might be too tight to loosen since you’re likely using hand tools.

Things to consider before calling a towing service

Here are the things to do or consider before you call on a tow truck:

  • Consider where you are

If your vehicle suddenly stops or won’t start and you’re on a highway, you’d need to get the car out of the place immediately.

At this juncture, call a towing truck. You might want to reconsider if the car is around the neighborhood or at your friend’s house.

  • Are you going for a towing firm or roadside assistance?

Decide if you’d contact a towing service or roadside assistance in your city. If you’ve got roadside assistance via your insurance firm, call the institution first.

Generally, it’s better to register with a towing company that you can call in emergencies. Consulting roadside assistance might increase your charges.

More so, roadside assistance is restricted to the individual handling the account. You’d spend a fortune if you don’t belong to any roadside-assistance group.

  • Decide if you’ll call your insurance institution

Check first if your insurance company would cover the towing service cost.

Remember that the insurance might cover just specific towing providers. Thus, ensure or find out before contacting the towing company.

  • Which towing firm or service will you call

Hiring a good towing or transport service can be a great idea when you’re stranded with your car on the road. But which one are you going for?

If your insurance firm doesn’t recommend the firm to call, do a quick research to learn the reliable towing firms in your city.

You can browse or find the firm based on your location. You may also want to use customer ratings and reviews to determine the best one for your needs and budget.

What’s more, based on your location, you can call a non-emergency number for your local police to get a towing firm for you.

If you’re in Brisbane or its surroundings, you can reach the Metro City Towing for the best towing services.

  • Consider your budget

Always inquire about the towing cost before you make the call.

A tow truck cost is based on your location, distance, exact things you want to do with the tow truck, and the nature of your towing needs.

Many towing trucks are personalized to suit your needs. The choices you make will affect the tow truck charges.

For Brisbane towing, the average cost of a tow truck in Australia can be between $58,000 and $850,000.

Ensure to know the towing truck cost if your insurance firm won’t cover the charge.

  • Check the towing methods

Consider the towing method that would be used for your vehicle.

The 2 main ways your vehicle can be towed include the hook and chain, and flatbed method. Your car can be hooked to a tow truck while being pulled to a garage.

For the flatbed method, your car is hoisted into a truck and taken to a garage. The flatbed measure is safer, better, and less likely to create any car damage.

  • Where would you keep the towed car?

Arrange where you will keep your towed car. You can tow it to your home if you’re close, or you can take it to a garage if there’s any mechanical problem that needs serious attention.

If you find yourself on a highway or an unfamiliar place, ask the towing service to recommend a mechanic, or come with their mechanics.


Towing companies can be very important for drivers. They do more than just towing vehicles, they also offer other impactful towing services.

These other important services include Gas delivery, Unlocking doors, Tire changing, Pulling people out when stuck, Jump starting, and Transporting vehicles.

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