How Much Does It Cost for a Tow Truck?

“Imagine being stuck at night on a lonely road with a dead car battery, and no way to get home. Yes, your phone still has some battery, but you don’t know who to call. Even more, you aren’t sure you have enough to cover the cost”

A lot of people are often unaware of just how important tow services are, or that they can offer services beyond merely conveying your vehicle from one area to another. For this reason, they pay little or no attention to them until they are in a dire situation.

However, since you’d need at least one tow in your lifetime, it’s only fitting to have 24/7 access to the services of a Brisbane towing firm or professional.

The idea is to call professionals and trucks to effectively tow your vehicle at an affordable fee, while offering other crucial towing services.

The Average Cost to Hire a Tow Truck

The towing truck fees can vary based on your circumstances, the services you want, the place you live, and the towing firm.

The average cost of hiring a tow truck in Brisbane is $100 to $350. Several Brisbane towing firms charge at least $70 for their first 5-10 kms and $4 – $6 on each kilometer after.

Meanwhile, the charges or exact prices vary according to locations. Generally, you can get a charge of about $4.50 – $9 per kilometer.


In Sydney, the average cost of hiring a tow truck is between $150-$400. It’s $120-$275 in Perth, $90-$250 in Melbourne, and $100-$250 in Adelaide.

You’d be charged a higher amount for heavy-duty vehicles like the Ram 3500 and 2500 trucks.

What Affects the Tow Truck Cost?

In most cases, towing rates are standard and you can guess a ballpark amount.

For several towing services or companies, towing charges often begin at $90 and can reach as high as 275, based on the kind of tow and your location.

The base fee is mostly $90 unless there are other considerations. The factors that impact the tow truck cost include:

  • More mileage- the longer the distance, the higher the charge. In particular, a standard tow is mostly more affordable than a flatbed tow.
  • Accident- A tow because of an accident can be higher and more expensive.
  • Towed and Impounded– If your car is towed and impounded, there’s a possibility that you’d pay additional fees, which will increase the overall cost.

Why you May Need a Towing Service

Hiring a towing or transport service can be a great idea when you’re on the road. It ensures that your appliances, belongings, or furniture are insured and safe on the move. If you have several cars, seeking a towing service is crucial for their safe transport.

A Brisbane towing company’s main aim is to take a faulty car from one area to another, at the owner’s request. Specifically, if you have an accident, and your vehicle is damaged and you can’t drive it, you may need to call a towing service.

Also, if your truck has a mechanical issue that stops it from starting, you’d need a tow truck.

What Services Do Towing Firms Provide?

Towing firms and professionals do more than just tow vehicles. They also offer other impactful towing services such as:

  • Unlocking doors,
  • Gas delivery,
  • Tire changing,
  • Jump starting,
  • Pulling people out when stuck, and
  • Transporting vehicles.

In particular, Metro-City Towing is a reliable towing company that offers emergency roadside assistance.

We deliver prompt and affordable Brisbane towing when there’s an accident or vehicle breakdown. We are also specialists in container and machinery transport.

Contact us here today to learn more about container and machinery transportation.

How can I find a tow truck service?

  • You can find someone around to tow your car especially if you belong or subscribe to a roadside assistance program via your truck insurance.
  • Based on your location, you can call a non-emergency number for your local police to get a towing firm for you.
  • More so, you can search online for tow truck companies around you. If you’re in Brisbane or its surroundings, you can reach us at Metro City Towing for the best services.

What kind of tow truck do you need?

Generally, the nature of a wreck, accident, or vehicle determines the kind of tow truck you’d need.

In other words, the kind of tow truck you need reflects your towing needs. The heavier or larger the loads to haul, the heavier the tow truck you’d need.

Thus, it’s vital to provide full information so as to get a tow truck that suits your needs.

Can I Buy My Tow Truck?

If you’d rather buy a tow truck for your towing needs, then you have to consider some factors before making a purchase.

  • The tow truck weight.
  • The exact things you want to do with the tow truck.
  • The extra features and functionalities.
  • The towing and hauling capability of the truck.
  • The truck history and mileage, especially if you’re buying a used truck.
  • Warranty and Insurance.


A tow truck cost is based on the nature of your towing needs, and the extra services you might require.

Several towing trucks are customized or personalized to suit your needs and convenience. The options you take or the choices you make will influence the tow truck charges.

If you’re interested in getting yours, the average cost of a tow truck is between $58,000 and $850,000.

Metro City Towing offers exceptional customer service and professionalism for your Brisbane towing.

With us, you don’t need to pay annual or membership fees to get 24/7 service. You only pay for the service when you need it.

Car towing in Brisbane has never been easier or safer than with us at Metro City Towing.

Call today or contact us here.


Brisbane Towing | Why Would You Need a Towing Service?

Modern vehicles are definitely sturdier than the old ones and more reliable. But, at the end of the day, they’re still machines and countless things can go wrong. These situations can be very irritating, especially when you’re stuck in an unfamiliar area.

This is where a good towing service in Brisbane can save the day. Luckily, every area has a local towing service that you can rely on. Here are a few scenarios where you can utilize the help of a towing service:

A Flat Tyre

Such a classic car related problem to be in right? True, but a flat tire can happen anywhere, anytime and most importantly, they happen when you least anticipate it. Here are some reasons why a tire can get punctured:

  • Sharp item on the road
  • Low or high pressure
  • Detoirating tire quality

A lot of people already know how to change a flat tyre but some individuals do need help in these scenarios. This is where a Brisbane towing service can help.

Collision Damage

The time after an accident is a confusing one. You have to determine whether you are able to drive the damaged vehicle or not.

The damage done to the car depends on the severity of the accident. In cases where the car cannot be driven back home, a towing service will be your best bet.

It is also best that you don’t drive your car after a crash. You may have suffered from injuries that can hinder your driving abilities.

Overheated Engine

An engine can overheat due to various reasons. It can be a damaged flower belt or a leaking water pump. Whatever the reason, you can’t keep driving an overheated car and you will need the help of a Brisbane towing service.

As soon as you see signs of overheating, you need to stop the car and call a towing service to take you to the mechanic. Many towing services will also be able to assist you with this situation on spot.

No Gas

This is unfortunate but it does happen to drivers quite a lot. We’re all human and we sometimes overestimate our fuel capacity and gauge and end up in the middle of the road with no gas.

This is one situation where you will need the help of professional towing service in Brisbane to come and rescue you from this embarrassing situation.

Other Kinds of Breakdowns

Apart from the reasons listed above, there are some other kinds of breakdowns that can occur with modern vehicles:

  • Engine malfunction
  • Electronic device malfunction
  • Computer malfunction
  • Exhaust malfunction
  • Brake malfunction

Oftentimes, it is very difficult to know what aspect of the car malfunctioned. This is why it is essential that you have a trusted Brisbane towing service on speed dial to assist you in these situations.

Anything can go wrong on the road. If you mostly drive alone and really aren’t comfortable with the mechanics of a car.

It is crucial that you know you can contact a Brisbane towing service to help you out of tough situations.



Five Ways a Towing Company Can Help You

You may have found yourself in a situation where you have car issues and don’t know who to call. It’s common for vehicle owners to be unsure of how to seek help. Many people assume towing services are only for accidents. However, there are many situations where metropolitan towing services can be helpful.

Often, your car troubles may not be a priority for roadside assistance, so it might take them longer to get to you. However, a towing company like Metro City Towing offers 24 hours service.

Towing services are more valuable than many people know.

Below is a list of how a towing company can be of use.

During car breakdowns

Apart from an accident, there are several other reasons why your car may become immovable. It could be a flat tyre, overheating, or a faulty engine. Having a reputable towing service like metropolitan towing can ensure your car gets off the road within a short time.

After a car accident

One of the common reasons people call a towing company is when an accident occurs. If an accident occurs, you will want to get medical attention as soon as possible, and the least of your worries should be your car. This is why you need a reputable towing service like Metro City Towing.

You should ensure the towing company has the proper truck to tow your car without causing more damage.

Stuck in the mud or sand

Your car could go off the road and get stuck in the mud. If it is something you can’t handle on your own, make sure to contact a towing service that can get you out as soon as possible. After all, soaking in the mud or sand could cause additional damage to your car.

If you need a jump start

Your car battery can die at any time. It is much easier to find help from friends and family nearby when this happens during the day. However, if it occurs in the middle of the night, your only option may be a towing service.

Most towing companies offer 24-hour services and can provide you with jump-start assistance. Since a tow truck assistant is trained to provide assistance in several situations, it is best to leave it in their hands.

Lockout service

If you have been locked out of your car before, you understand how frustrating it can be. Although this is an uncommon reason for people to call a towing company, it happens. Local authorities or roadside assistance can help with this, but lockouts are low on their priorities. Whereas a towing service is more likely to have someone available and send help in no time.

Metro City Towing has a large fleet of trucks ready to provide reliable, fast, and friendly service. We offer round-the-clock emergency service all year round. If you need any towing assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Brisbane Towing | 3 Myths About Having Your Vehicle Towed

It’s great to know that you can rely on towing services if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area. But, just like any other industry, the towing services industry is surrounded by some misconceptions of its own. And Brisbane towing companies are no exception to these myths.

Some people don’t have a full idea of what a towing company can do, while others think they can only provide towing services. The list of myths can go on but we’ve picked the top three myths surrounding towing services and we’re about to debunk them for you.

3 Myths About Having Your Vehicle Towed by a Brisbane Towing Service

It’s important you understand the importance of having a professional towing service to get your vehicle out of a tricky situation. However, believing in towing myths can leave you in difficult situations while you avoid perfectly good recovery options.

Here are 3 myths about towing services you shouldn’t believe in:

1. Towing Companies Cost Too Much

Towing is no easy business and there are expenses involved in towing a vehicle. After all, the tow truck needs fuel and maintenance too so naturally there will be a few for the service.

Most people stress about the cost associated with getting their car towed in Brisbane because they think it costs too much.

It’s true that these services aren’t exactly cheap. But if you consider the lengths the company goes to get you out of trouble and provide a hassle-free experience, you will understand the value of the service. Reputable companies don’t purposefully overprice themselves and the services are pretty affordable when you consider the alternatives.

2. Towing Can Damage Your Car

Some car lovers may have a fear of towing services in Brisbane damaging their car. But, this is far from the truth. Towing companies have professionals that are trained to do their job and ensure the safety of your vehicle during the entire towing process.

To give you more peace of mind, professional towing services are always insured. So, even if due to some mistake, the company ends up damaging your vehicle during transportation, you shouldn’t be worried about the damages as damage will be covered by the insurance company.

3. Towing Companies Can Only Tow

One of the biggest myths we come across is people believing that towing companies only offer towing services and nothing else. This is far from the truth as professional towing services can offer other services as well. These include and are not limited to battery recharging, tyre changing services, recovering vehicles from accident scenes and also getting you out of a lockout situation.

So the next time you’re in any of these problems, you can call a trusted Brisbane towing service to get you out.

When you’re in a difficult situation on the road in an unfamiliar area with no friends or relatives to help nearby, your best bet for a rescue is a reputable towing service. As you can see, towing services can do so much more for you than just towing your vehicle from one place to another.

Professional towing services in Brisbane will ensure the safety of your car and a hassle-free experience for you. So don’t forget to reach out to a towing service next time you’re stuck somewhere with a broken-down car.


Brisbane Car Towing 24/7

Whatever the reason for needing car towing in Brisbane, Metro City Towing is here to help! We do roadside assistance towing, accidents, lowered and prestige vehicles, machinery and containers and carpark vehicle recovery. There are no membership fees or annual fees so it’s easy to call us and pay for a car towing in Brisbane when you need it. We operate twenty-four hours, seven days a week and what’s more, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Metro City Towing offers a professional and efficient service, prompt response to your need and we look after your vehicle as if it’s our own. You can gain assistance for car towing in Brisbane anytime, anywhere and each and every client. Metro City Towing is proud to be Brisbane owned and operated and you can trust us with your precious vehicle. We tow cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and even caravans so whatever your means of transport, we are here to help you in a breakdown or accident situation. 

Affordable and Reliable

Car Towing Service

If you are stuck with a breakdown of your car, truck or motorcycle, we can help. We know that mechanical repairs can be expensive and our Brisbane car towing service is economical and efficient. Metro City Towing is reliable and prompt in response so you don’t have to organise for a large vehicle to tow yours. Towing can be a tricky thing and you want to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle as well as other vehicles on the road and towing with a rope system from one car to another can be a dangerous exercise as it could cause an accident. Not to mention that it is an illegal way of towing. It is also difficult to operate your vehicle while your car is not running. Furthermore, if the vehicle towing yours is smaller in size, it can place a strain on the engine of your vehicle. By obtaining the car towing Brisbane service from Metro City Towing, you are paying a small price for avoiding immediate or longer-term issues such as damage to the vehicle and/or an accident. We safely take care of your car, motorcycle, truck, trailer or caravan and you can place your vehicle in safe hands with us.

Professional Car Towing Brisbane

Professional down to a tee, Metro City Towing offers exceptional customer service and professionalism. You don’t pay any annual or membership fees for our service; we operate twenty-four hours, seven days and three hundred and sixty-five days a year; you only pay for the service when you need it! It’s value for money and allows you not to have to expend more money on annual fees, just what it will cost for you to have your vehicle repaired. Having a multi-storey carpark facility means your vehicle is securely parked and if you have machinery or containers, we can cater for these as well. No need to fuss or worry about your vehicle; we have you covered. Car towing in Brisbane was never more easy and safe than with Metro City Towing.   Give us a call today or contact us through our Contact page.