Finding a towing company for your vehicle or heavy equipment may seem like a daunting task. You are trusting a company with moving an expensive item that might mean a lot to you. When it comes to choosing your towing company, many people base their decision on price alone. This is not a good indication of the best service available. Different companies will charge different amounts, depending on the needs of the tow. The lowest price may seem appealing, but it will they be the best choice? The same principle applies for the most expensive, just because you are paying more, doesn’t mean you will get a better service. Understanding the pricing and the variations will help you to make your decision.

What are tow truck rates?

Tow truck rates will vary for a number of reasons. Many companies will quote on a case by case basis, to ensure that you are receiving the best rate for your needs. If you are wanting to find out how much your tow will cost, get in contact with the team and they can provide you with a quote based on the details you provide. But why do the rates vary? Let’s take a look at the reasons behind why a tow truck rate may vary.

In many cases a company will charge a base hourly rate and then on top of this they will discuss with you the different additional costs if there are any.

Location and distance

Both the location of your vehicle and the destination of where it needs to be towed can play a part in the price that you are quoted.

If the towing company needs to tow your vehicle a long distance, than the price will need to reflect this. Longer distances will cost more due to the time and petrol it takes to deliver the vehicle.

Also with location, the difficulty of access can come into play. If it is a different location to access either for the pick up or delivery, this may incur an extra charge.

Type of towing

The price you are quoted may vary depending on the type of towing required. Metro City Towing can complete a range of different towing services. Some of these include; car towing after accidents or storm damage, equipment towing, moving of empty containers and motorcycle towing.

The services vary in price due to the weights of the vehicles or equipment. Larger towing machines may be needed or move heavy duty equipment to contain the vehicle or machinery to the truck.

Emergency towing

Emergency or after hours towing services may incur an additional fee. This is due to the company having to employee staff to work on a different schedule and prioritise the emergency collection of your vehicle or equipment. Emergency towing can include towing after an accident and getting your car off a busy main road. We can then tow your vehicle to either your preferred repaired or to you home. After hours towing may be needed for these accidents or if you are needing to move machinery or equipment and it is best to do so in the evening or overnight.

Lowered or prestige towing

If you have a hobby car or vehicle that requires additional attention, the cost of towing may be different to your typical collection cost. Lowered or hobby cars that you require additional care with, means that it may be a different truck or a specialised driver to collect the vehicle for you.

We take the upmost care with all our towing services; however we know that there are times that you may want that little bit of extra care. And we are here to help.

Metro City Towing is your go to Brisbane towing company. We work with you to ensure that your vehicle, equipment and machinery is towed to your preferred location in a timely manner.

Whether it is an emergency tow or a scheduled tow, we are here to help.

Get in contact with the team today to find out how we can help and provide you with the best towing service in the Brisbane area.


What Makes a Towing Company Efficient?

Nobody knows what the future holds, and this fact remains true for all aspects of life. Indeed, life is full of unforeseen events, with a number of them being largely unwanted. Just picture yourself driving on a lonely road on a cold winter morning, and your car jerks and then stops. That roller coaster of emotions and upswing of worries you feel is normal. The first thing that comes to mind is that you want to get to your destination and you don’t want to be stranded. This is a very familiar incident to those who travel a lot, driving their own cars. What do you do when such a situation pops up? Call the nearest towing company to come to your rescue. Yes, that is the best course of action. 

Bogged car on tow strap
Without mincing words, cars are one of the most valuable assets that people own today. And when the unexpected happens and your car is involved, you want to employ the services of the best towing company near you. Towing services are essential when vehicles are being shipped. So, it’s not only when your car breaks down or develops a fault from an accident that it requires towing. At various stages of life, a vehicle has to go through cycles of towing and recovery.  How do you spot an efficient towing company? Here are a few highlights to look out for. 


When that time comes to hire the service of a towing company and you choose to leverage online resources, you’ll find many. But you may find it difficult to identify the right company for you. That company that will deliver top-notch services without causing you to break the bank? Therefore, when you start looking for a towing company, your goal should be to get quality service. 

Quality is a big deal when it comes to car towing because it determines if you’ll eventually spend more or less. An efficient towing company will not incur more damage to your car when discharging its duties. They pay attention to details and take care of your car like theirs. When a car towing service provider places a premium on quality, it will be evident from the kind of feedback and reviews they get. 

Car on tow truck


There are cases where you need your vehicle to be towed as fast as possible so you can get it to safety and move on with your day. That’s when your sole desire will be to pick out that towing company that has the speed of light. Well, not literally the speed of light as it often takes a few minutes for the best towing companies to meet you at your location.  Yet, you don’t have to bear any delays or disappointment. So, you should check out their track record of service delivery. With your magnifying lens of their “time of response”. You’ll also want to check out how close the towing company is to your exact location. 

With these factors in mind, you should hire a company that best suits your needs at such a point in time. The truth is that a client-focused towing company will always place a premium on the timely delivery of quality service. The answer you as fast as a 911 emergency and get to you like they have been following you all the way. If your goal is never to get stranded, then Metro City Towing is just a click of a button away!


Again, towing needs are often unexpected and are treated as emergencies or unforeseen contingencies. With this in mind, it is obvious that affordability is one of the greatest considerations for towing services. Well, unless you have emergency savings to cover the bill for towing service or an insurance policy that has you covered. 

Whatever the case, your desire will still centre around choosing a company with a unique level of empathy, heralded by their price list. Nobody plans to spend on these things, and when the need arises, you want to go for the most affordable option. An efficient towing company includes cost-effectiveness as a part of its mission. They often have the goal of helping you get your vehicle to safety without causing you financial strain. 

towing Ute

Good Reputation

Checking for the reputation of a towing company goes beyond looking out for good reviews. It also involves the verification of important details. You need to be sure the company is properly registered and licensed to carry out the services it claims. Check if they have the necessary tools such as a powerful winch cable or chain. To avoid placing your hard-earned car into the hands of untrusted tow truck technicians, verify these things. It becomes easier to trace the company in case of any issue of additional damage to your vehicle. An efficient towing company works hard to maintain a good reputation, by being registered and keeping their licence up to date. 


An efficient towing company always treats clients as kings. They are client-friendly, and this shows in the kind of services they deliver. They always want to satisfy all customers without leaving room for bad reviews. 

It is important to evolve as you make progress in life. Good towing companies understand this to the letter. To this end, they listen to customer feedback and contributions. How do you know this? They have fantastic customer reviews on reputable platforms. They also tend to include additional services related to towing services (based on popular demand or a client’s request). If you need towing in Brisbane, you should look for the specific service(s) you require. Don’t waste time on research; we have made things easy for you. For your Brisbane towing, just visit the Metro City Towing site.  


Choosing an efficient town company may be difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. We have made things easy for you. With the things highlighted in this article in check, you can select a towing company that will put a smile on your face. Are you a resident of Brisbane? Do you need the best towing service? Metro City Towing is your best choice for all your Brisbane towing needs. Contact us now.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Towing Company

Picture yourself in a situation where you are driving on a long stretch of road leading/close to the city outskirts and your car malfunctions. It stops abruptly, it refuses to start and you get confused. You don’t know what to do. You get out of the car, open the bonnet, and try to reattach the battery heads, but there’s still no change. The painful part? There is no garage around, and you’re running late for your engagement. What an inconvenient position to find oneself in. This is when the need for a towing company arises. Here are some things to consider before choosing a towing company.

There are many tow companies around that can assist you in situations like this. However, it is your responsibility to give them a call and they will be with you in a jiffy. One of the towing companies you can call is Metro City Towing. So you don’t have to be confused, stranded, and worried when your car breaks down anywhere in Brisbane. It doesn’t matter what time of the day, your car acts up and refuses to move an inch. Brisbane towing services got your back.

Jeep in wilderness

There are numerous other situations where the need for a towing company may arise. An instance is when your car tires get punctured by broken glass or nails lying on the road while you’re commuting. If you can’t find a mechanic close by, will you walk the rest of the journey? That’s definitely not an option, especially if you still have a couple of kilometres to cover. Towing services also cover on-the-road services like changing tires.


Interestingly, the services of a towing company are often not restricted to car breakdowns or accident cases. You can call them to help you transport your car to a specific location if the distance is far.


Bogged car

However, choosing a towing company may be quite difficult because many of them exist today. That is why we want to present the following tips to guide you in making an informed decision.

Choosing A Good Towing Company

When you’re on the road, always get your mind prepared that many things can go wrong. Your car may slide into the ditch, your tire may go flat, you may run out of fuel, or your car battery may get drained. Whatever the case, you now know that your best bet is to call a towing company. Choosing a towing company is not a big task, but you have to be meticulous about it. Your goal is to get a truthful, efficient, and trusted tow truck. However, if you’re not careful, you may sign up with the wrong company if you don’t follow the tips in this article.

Check out this list of eight refined tips for choosing a good towing company.


  • The first step in choosing a good towing company is to get a list of the names of the reputable towing companies in your area. To do this, you can leverage the internet or get suggestions from family and friends. Get recommendations from real people in real-time who have used the services of these towing companies. Ensure that you ask individuals that you trust. While at this, make sure to strike out the towing companies with bad reviews.


  • After getting recommendations or reading customer reviews from trusted sites on the internet, Your next step is to clarify the mileage rates for each towing company.


  • Then you make enquiries about their towing distance, making sure it suits your needs. And find out if they require upfront payment for their services or if your insurance company will bear the brunt. A good towing company may go the extra mile to help you prepare the paperwork needed to be submitted to your insurance company.


  • To avoid being stranded, make sure to enquire about how long it will take the towing company to get to your location in case of an emergency.


  • Do thorough research that will help you choose a reputable, trustworthy, and safe towing company. Make sure your mind is at peace with entrusting your vehicle to them.


  • You may want to opt for a towing company that offers more than just towing your vehicle. Check out their list of services before choosing them.
  • Towing companies that offer 24/7 services and render roadside assistance are often the best to go with. They can help you change your tires or jump-start your vehicle.
  • If your car is damaged due to an accident, you should choose a towing company that offers flatbed towing.
  • Ask specific questions like:

What are tow truck rates?

Are Tow truck drivers responsible for damages?

Are tow truck operators first responders?

Are tow truck drivers allowed to open a car?

With such questions properly answered, your confusion will be cleared and your mind ready for patronage.

You will agree with us that choosing a good towing company isn’t difficult, but it requires a reasonable level of research. That’s why your research must start early; you don’t have to wait till you require service. Who has the time to do research in an emergency? This kind of research must be done prior to the time you need the information at your fingertips.

Off-road vehicle in dirt

Essentially, you must have chosen a good towing company even before you ever needed their service. That way, you have all their details, you know the type of towing services they render, and what you stand to gain by choosing them. It’s not like you hope to ever get stranded or involved in an accident; it is just a smart way to get yourself ready for such contingencies.


If you’re looking for a towing company in Brisbane, your search is over. Brisbane Towing is your go-to company for everything “towing”. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your car or the integrity of our workers. We have trained and experienced professionals who are available at your beck and call, anywhere in Brisbane, any day, anytime. We are only a phone call away from your location. Contact us today.




Metro City Towing: A Company You Can Rely On

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, instead of paying a roadside assistance, utilising the services of Metro City Towing you can be sure that in your time of need somebody will be there for you on the road. Whether it is a breakdown, an accident or simply your car not starting, leave it to Metro City Towing to get it your where it needs to be. It does not matter what kind of vehicle it is, or even if it is a piece of machinery or a container, if you need towing in Brisbane there is nobody else more professional or reliable. We understand the temptation of wanting to tow a vehicle yourself but many do not know the legalities and dangers surrounding towing so instead of taking a risk, putting a strain on your engine and becoming a hazard, we can get your vehicle to where it needs to go. By saving money on roadside assistance and only spending the money for a tow if necessary, you can have more money to go towards repairing your car. There is nothing more frustrating than car trouble so we aim to make sure that your experience with us is positive and less stress, taking your car to your chosen destination so you can get back on the road as quick as possible.

Tips on Seeking A Quality Mechanic

If you get in the unfortunate situation where you need to hire the services of Metro City Towing, we can take you to a mechanic of your choosing. While we can handle the city towing, picking a quality mechanic is something that is up to you therefore knowing where to take your vehicle if it breaks down will save you money and inconvenience in the long run. The first step to finding a quality mechanic is consulting the best form of advertising: word of mouth. Asking your friends and family for their recommendations is always a great way to shortlist whose services you hire. Just simply looking mechanics online can give you a long and overwhelming list so cut that list down by consulting the people that you trust. Once you have your short list of recommendations, then it is time to check the qualifications, experience and specialisation to make sure the mechanic you choose is trustworthy and knows that they are doing. You do not want to have a less than reputable mechanic working on your vehicle, leaving you with the possibility of either being ripped off and/or a less than professional job done on your car. This is where a mechanic offering a warranty over their repairs, services and the parts that use can give you peace of mind because if they did not believe in their service, they most likely would not offer it. Communication is also another important attribute of a quality mechanic: if they are able to explain what they are doing, what needs to be done, keep you in the loop if anything changes and clarify any work and associated costs before they start, then you know that they are a professional and quality mechanic. If you ever find yourself needing city towing, just having Metro City Towing on hand to help you in your time of need and also knowing a quality mechanic so we can take your car straight there is a great way to save yourself time, stress and energy.

Caring For Your Vehicle

While having the knowledge of a twenty-four, seven day a week city towing service available as well having a quality mechanic in your address book can save you some stress if your car breaks down, taking preventative measures and caring for your vehicle is the best way to avoid having your car ending up on a tow truck on the way to the mechanic. Regular services are always the best way to nip any problems in the bud as well as making sure your car is running smoothly but also there are other checks you can do yourself. Regularly checking the radiator and cooling system, the engine oil, tyre condition, battery condition, transmission and power-steering fluids, windscreen wipes and washer fluid and the lights including high beams and indicators are just some of the ways to make sure you are staying on top of yours maintenance. Metro City Towing can help if you need but looking after your vehicle is the best way to avoid potentially needing a towing service.